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Chumbo is the second collaboration between Bruno Cunha, Xavier Braun and Kino Lopes, following "A aranha tem uma mosca dentro da cabeça". The project starts off from the ruins of the construction started in 1973 by Novacap that would accommodate the transfer of the "Faculdade da Guerra" (War College) - formally named "Escola Superior de Guerra" (Superior School of War) - from Rio de Janeiro to Brasília. The new unit was intended to introduce the War College into the academic sphere of Distrito Federal by installing it around the University of Brasília. In terms of sound, the edition starts with the disintegration of a guitar. Production of the music label Dobradiça Enferrujada Discos.


guitar: Kino Lopes

clarinet: Bruno Cunha

sound mixer: Bruno Cunha

design: Uirá Ryker

video: Xavier Braun

2021 - Festival Frestas Telúricas

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